Friday, 16 May 2014

Jean-Louis BUCCHI's Reportages from 1986 {Koka Media Vol. 45, Library Record}

I think the name is well-known to all progressive fans for the otherworldly beauty of his magnum opus, Sunflower, to me one of the true masterpieces of French prog.  When you scan his discography you'll see he went on to make a few library records after that one, some of which are quite worthy, esp., Blue Prism.  This record, his last in that database, was the only one I hadn't yet heard, and bear in mind that it comes almost a decade later than Sunflower, and a lot had changed, musically, since then.

And indeed a lot has changed when it comes to hearing this record...  definitely we are in the synthesized, dreaded drum machine, digital casio eighties by this time.  Damn those eighties... why did they have to go and ruin the seventies?

Having said that though, there are here and there some interesting chord changes or melodies that suggest the genius of the former composer and his indubitably profound classical training, but how few and far between they are...  we are fishing for table scraps here perhaps like a hungry dog...

As a punishment, I'll upload this as a lossless rip.
I'll also upload the mp3 for those (like me) who feel this might be more appropriate.

B4's "New Realist" demonstrates the education:


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