Thursday, 1 May 2014

Violinist David Rose and his 1980 album 'Behind the Line' + Distance Between Dreams (1977), Worlds Apart (1979), and Live in 1978

David Rose is well-known to the progressive fan for his work on the magnificent French band "Transit Express"-- not just one of the best fusion bands, but one of the all-time best French progressive artists ever.  They made three beautiful albums in the mid-seventies that are a must for fans of this genre.  Then David made some solo albums-- four, as far as I know, with several of the musicians he knew from the French groups he had played with, incl. the great Perathoner, the best known is "Distance Between Dreams" from 1978, but the musea CD re-release of a 1978 live set is possibly the best music you can hear from him, at least in my opinion, featuring the beautiful ballads "Starset" and "Le Petit Prince" -- a song that just sends me straight to heaven every time I hear it.

So given the aforementioned, I felt I should have a listen to the remaining album I haven't heard from his discography, which is this one.  And I can't say I'm glad I heard it.  In fact, I would go so far as to say I wish I hadn't.  For those who require his earlier albums, I can share those of course, "Distance" is wonderful proggy fusion, and "Worlds Apart" from 1979 definitely has its moments, though they are few and far between, at least they are present, unlike the absence that marks today's post.

A representative track, the last one, "Magic Morning: "


  1. david rose behind the lines 1980

    david rose worlds apart 1979
    (apologies for poor bitrate, not my rip, thanks to the ripper)

    1. The distance Between Dreams is an excellent piece.
      Hope you don't mid uploading it...

      That's the album from 1977, Distance Between Dreams


    Btw, you had been searching for a hawaiian release, I was on the big island recently and tried to find it in the used shops to no avail...

    Thanks for these, I really thought I had the David Rose live release from Musea and it seems to have never made it to my external drive.

    Drat! I would love to see any of the Transit Express as well as I only have lossy rips.

  3. Oh yes, that album Mofoya-- most likely all the copies are out of there, all over the world spread out in the collections of vinyl collectors, and possibly some flea markets or record store bins that don't advertise their inventories online?

    David Rose Live from Musea cd

  5. David Rose Distance Between Dreams