Friday, 9 May 2014

Cairo, Different Strokes, from Germany 1980 (no download...)

Here's an album I found.  Musically it's a bit disappointing, being AOR-smooth hard rock with pop elements, of no or little interest to the progressive fan (which is why I'll spare you the listening).

But I am and was stunned by the cover art, which is credited to one H.J. Bergmann, and is called "Brudermord" as in Cain and Abel, presumably.  Sadly a google search on that name doesn't provide more art to contemplate:

Is it a mistake in the method of searching, or was he a friend of these musicians?  It's hard to believe he wasn't more renowned, considering how beautifully he made this, I love particularly the faceless Francis Bacon quality to the white man on the left, and the large triangular foot planted on the earth given to the black man.

Anybody know more about this artist?

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