Friday, 20 June 2014

A. Riccardo Luciani avec April Orchestra Présente RCA Sound Vol. 9 (1977)

I felt I should make an attempt at completing some of his huge discography, because the three albums he did in conjunction with Marco Melchiori were so beautiful.  Compositions here are baroque, medieval, slightly adventurous but not excessively or predominantly so.  There is less of the crystalline textures that made the three albums referred to above such masterpieces.  When I posted the missing of the three on prognotfrog (Inchiesta sul Mezzogiorno) I mentioned the other two had been posted on the dusty shelf blog, sadly now in slight hibernation.  Of course if you don't have a taste for classical music, you should not listen to these records.

By the end one is overcome with the sense we are in the court of King Arthur, but oh well-- the search continues, as I always say.  And anyways we'll be hearing more from Luciani soon, like it or not.


  1. Freshly ripped from vinyl, my apologies if already ripped before:


    lossless (wav)

  2. Thanks o lot Julian
    Great share in HQ !
    Excellent blog

  3. New Oktagon ST upload by request:

  4. New REUP of rob thomsett yarandaroo by request:

    In case anyone was wondering, I was on holidays there for two weeks.
    I'll be back with more luciani later today.


  5. I never took the time to thank you for this LP back in June and I feel dirty for not doing so: Thank you Julian for this fine rip and quality covers.