Friday, 3 October 2014

An Anthology of Don Muro compositions (USA 1981)

Here's a wonderful surprise for all those out there looking for a new progressive fusion discovery...

And I can finally say it again, a discovery of the mighty osurec...  This gentleman made an album called "It's Time" before this that I think everyone already has, but this is somewhat better in my opinion, showing a composer at the peak of creativity.  The title of course is tongue in cheek to the point of imitating an actual book of songs.

The music is very similar to David Sancious' instrumental mix of synthesizers and keyboards, plus the occasional vocal song as a throwaway (for us, not the music industry) perhaps for a radio hit?   We open with a nice strong synthesized riff announcing "Here it Comes" 

moving on to a wholly different composition called "Laudate".  Subsequently some very tasty chords explore what is "Inside your Dreams" - a really nice piece that to me recalls a bit Sandy Owen's material in Illiad.  So you will find a great deal of interesting sounds in here, including Hugh Hopper-like fuzz bass on "Good Morning"  (or is it simply a dropped-d tuning electric guitar?):

I love the blurb on the back, too:

"Don Muro has gained national recognition as a composer, performer, and educator.  

As a composer, he has done much to promote the acceptance of the synthesizer as a legitimate member of the family of musical instruments.  He has lef the field in writing compositions for traditional performing ensembles that utilize the synthesizer and/or electronic tape.

In his first album, "IT'S TIME" he employed a variety of musical settings to highlight his unusual talents as well as the versatility and adaptability of the synthesizer.

In this album he continues to develop as a composer and as a performer.  With assistance from Tom Brechtlein [drums], Arnie Lawrence [alto sax] and John Scofield [guitar], he brings forth a cornucopia of musical delights-- something for every palate."

Note that Don a la Stevie Wonder plays all the instruments on side one, including bass, percussion, and guitars.  The others only play on the first track of Side 2, "The Bouncer", with a bit of sax on the others.

Also notice in his discography that he made a CD called "Reflections" in the early 2000s, is it new age or really experimental?  I wonder.  In any case, thanks to the mighty osurec for bringing this record to my attention... I really love it.  Recommended for everyone to hear.

And stay tuned to our show, coming soon we have more upgraded material originally from prognotfrog, more ECM style smooth fusion, more folky material to create some variety for the Ezhevika fans, and another big big unknown progressive rock discovery, which was really music to my ears... of course!


  1. Don Muro Anthology

    Don Muro It's Time (for those who need it)

    And what's even more of a big deal for me, is that next week this blog will be a year old... great to stop being a baby! lol

  2. Thanks for this obscure gem. And, of course, congrats for the anniversary. It has been a great journey and you have posted some wonderful records. Thanks for the efforts for sharing!

  3. Both records are beautiful. Thanks very much

  4. Thank you so much, both records are superb´s.........And congrats for a year of great gem´s .............