Monday, 20 October 2014

Another huge wishlist item: P. F. Flyer Play Gianchetta Jazz

Now check out the price of this one... almost a thousand dollars when it does come up for sale.  Why is it so expensive?  Because of the quality of the music?  Of course not...

From collectors frenzy:

Well, here it is! One of the rarest psych/prog LPs in the world. P.F. Flyer - Play Gianchetta Jazz, AVG LP 101, 1970. Desired by many, heard by very few! This album almost never comes up for sale, so it may be your only opportunity to snag this one. Please bid accordingly! 
Only a tiny handful of copies exist, and it has a very interesting back story. To this point, the only real information available has been the very minimal entries in the Acid Archives and Pokora collector books. However, here's an excellent description written by a good friend of mine who's a top expert on rare and obscure music:  

" It seems like this album has been on almost every collector's wantlist, but hardly anyone has heard it. Well, there's good reason for that, as there are no more than 10 or 12 copies known to exist. A handful of copies were initially discovered by a local Bay Area record dealer years back, but no others have ever turned up since then. This guy was actually able to track down some of the band members and other people involved and get the full story behind this album, which is really hilarious. They were apparently students at a San Francisco dance studio run by an aspiring choreographer named Anthony Gianchetta, circa '69-'70. He had some ideas about using "hip" rock music for his dance routines, so somehow a group of his pupils got a band together and took up the task. The problem is that they were stoner hippy kids and decided to basically ignore his instructions and jam out this mostly undanceable instrumental psych excursion instead! It seems that everyone was pretty upset with this, but they basically had no choice but to release it as is at that point. It must have been a tiny micro pressing, with most of them probably ending up destroyed or discarded. In any case, it apparently wasn't too big a career setback for Gianchetta, as he seems to still be quite active as a stage choreographer in California to this day, as you will see if you google his name. Musically, the best description I can come up with is "accidental library psych". The track "Rocks Off" in particular would probably make those hipster DJ crate-digger types' heads explode, with the heavy open drum breaks and wild Hendrix-style fuzz/wah guitar. But, at well over $1000 and basically unavailable on the open market, they probably won't be diggin' it any time soon!" 

Shipping is FREE to any location, worldwide. Payment by Paypal only, and must be made within 7 days of the auction's completion. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks for looking, and good luck!

Here's a youtube upload for sampling:

For me this is really just a simple library music album, all instrumental, with hammond, some nice guitar licks and drums breaks, but you can find much superior constructions on any great library record for ex. the great Ceccarelli's album Rythmes comes to mind.  Yes I know, it's not fair to compare the two records, but if you're expecting a thousand dollars worth of great music (which I doubt any collector is expecting) realistically, then you're going to be disappointed, and badly.  Later next week I'll feature an album that is completely unknown, can be bought for less than 20 dollars easily, but is fantastic.  We all know about this of course.  On the other hand, the German rarity called "Nimbus" (not to be confused with the many other bands of the same name) which, if it ever comes up for sale will top that amount, is well worth hearing.  As is that notorious Rhea "Sad Sorceress..."  -- maybe not 2000 dollars worth of good music though...  I don't know, when I think of great art, such as James Joyce's novels, it would be absurd to charge based on quality.  Visually, we can go to a museum and see priceless paintings for about twenty dollars.  For music too, it should be the content that matters, not the physical LP, unless you are into collecting those...  but then why not get an idea of the quality inside?

Please enjoy this record at any rate...

One final note, regarding the artist name, this is a type of shoe, which I wasn't aware of.



  2. Thanks. I think the Rock On lp is better and almost as rare[ 99 copys] and not as much $$ .

  3. great thanks!!! is it possible to send lossless this one please?

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  5. No problem, I really don't mind the requests!
    new lossless upload here, limited time only though:

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