Friday, 15 April 2016

Apocalypse's Twilight with Jasper van't Hof from 1980

Words cannot describe the beauty of this music.  I won't even try.
This is cerebral fusionary classical-jazz progressive scaling the highest Himalayan peaks of invention.  How is it possible it's so little known??

The information reveals the presence, in addition to the famous and revered Jasper, of Danish trumpet / flugelhorn player and main composer Allan Botschinsky who was the leader of the supergroup Iron Office.  I'm sorry I was never all that impressed by that outfit.  This album is totally different, somehow everything came together for these guys in the most beautiful way possible, perhaps inspired by the band name and title.   There is a rapturous end of the world atmosphere of profound depth and spirituality that just fills my heart with emotion.  You'll see what I mean.  Consider the eerie track called Down and Down (a Botschinsky composition) with Jasper's trademark synthesizer effects:

The band is rounded out by Bo Stief (bassist and partial composer) and Lennart Gruvstedt on drums.

Thanks to my dear friend for discovering this.  Every day I am grateful to these guys for showing me music I never imagined existing that, sometimes, turns out to be beyond my imagination in beauty and expectation.  If it was just me in this extended project discovering or trying to discover unknown LPs there would be perhaps fewer than one every 1-2 weeks, particularly with my self-imposed limited budget in the low hundreds per month, rather than this embarrassment of riches.  Although the number of those undiscovered must be diminishing with every day that passes and the hunt definitely feels to be getting harder compared to the early 2010s, for sure compared to ten years ago, there still remain enough of those lost gems to make this entire enterprise well worth the effort, and the money.  And always I have to apologize for those records which are fantastic but cannot be shared publically... eventually they will all see the light of day, and sounds of air, too.



  2. Julian, words can't describe the joy I felt crawling out of bed and seeing this post. Thank you times a million, can't wait to take it all in.

    1. enjoy it!
      I'm checking about your other request, btw

  3. Thanks to all involved in sharing this brilliant stuff. A couple of van't Hof albums were recently repostet at Surfing the Odyssey, for those who are still missing a few of them. I can't get enough of this style.

  4. my gosh! I just found this. WOW.

    loo me up on your next hawaii trip...please.