Friday, 29 April 2016

Art Lande and Rubisa Patrol in the missing 1979 Story of Ba-Ku, by request

I made the bottom extra large expressly for the purpose of getting an idea of what this story is about.
I believe it was written by Art though it's described as 'liner notes.'  I will let you judge for yourselves whether or not this short story, or rather two short stories, are deserving of the "persistence of memory."

This is the missing LP from his work with Rubisa Patrol starting with the ST Rubisa album (1976), definitely a masterpiece, and the subsequent Desert Patrol (1978).  Side A appears to me to be entirely improvised and definitely drags, even with the obnoxious scratch that interferes with the playing throughout the first five minutes or so and causes it to skip ahead, I will go so far as to say I don't dislike said scratch at all.  The second side has the full band but is still fully extempore, so far as I can tell.  At times (on both sides) Art plays the strings inside the acoustic grand by swiping them with his fingers-- a trick that we have heard many times in early modern classical music when it was truly given to abstraction.  I'm a bit disappointed with the cover drawings on lined, perforated paper, attributed to "Gorilla Graphics: Melinda Wentzell" I thought for sure it would be a bandmember's amateurish attempts.

Composed By – Art Lande
"The Story Of Ned Tra La" recorded live August 20, 1977, Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Santa Cruz, California
"The Story Of Ba-Ku" recorded August 21, 1978, 1750 Arch Studios, Berkeley, California


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  2. Thanks Julian, maybe someone could clean this for us.

  3. Thank you Julian.

    Scanning through it, it would seem to be a release to simply "clear the closet" of a vintage recording. Not at all a vital addition to the Rubisa Patrol recordings (of which the first I agree is an ECM '70s classic) but I do appreciate the effort.

    All the best!

    1. Well said. It's rather odd altogether

  4. I'm late to this discussion but I've been looking for this one for years. Any chance of a re-up?

    1. here you go

  5. Thanks very much. Looking forward to finally listening to this.