Sunday, 17 April 2016

Rory Vincent sings the music of Wlodek Gulgowski for their Dream World, 1973, plus Soundcheck

Wow.  Check the bunny with a woman's body on the verso.  Like my wife always loves to say "they must have all been stoned all the time in the seventies..."  Of course my attention was drawn to this record when our wonderful reader commented on the album "Soundcheck" truly a funky masterpiece of insane rhythm and fierce fusionoid fightin' words (presented here below for those who don't have).  I thought I better complete his discography (or here) in case there were more treasures we were missing.  Well, I can return by saying we wasted both time and money, what we are dealing with here is a soulful Elvisish rock or pop album, similar to the earlier even more forgettable album he did for Maritza Horn.  OK, so Soundcheck was his only masterpiece, got it.

Which is not to say this is all the bad, it's just not to our taste.  Some might love these tracks.  Shockingly, the second side is only about 11 minutes long!  

First track:

What a cover though!  Love it.  Surely the stuff of nightmares.


  1. "Soundcheck" is on my holy grail list since I listened to it for the first time. Any additional Gulgowski record would be highly appreciated.

    1. Wlodek Gugolwski reups by request

  2. Thanks for Soundcheck, I assume you got my request for Gerard Marais.

  3. Im certain that artwork is by the same bloke wot did the Ralph Lundsten fantastic coverarts. (Also on Swedish Odeon.)

  4. Hello Julian, could you be interested in this?
    Very rare and enchanting
    still thanks a lot for your blog. extraordinary

  5. I have just found an lp, where there are two songs of Gulgowski, it is the Gimmicks of Sweden lp, where the brazilian sax player J.T. Meirelles (as João Meirelles) is featured (that was never released in Brasil).

    JT Meirelles style of fusion is called Samba-Jazz and is all over Bossa Nova records. If you want something to hear you can try 1964 O Som and 1965 O Novo Som, both re-released as cds.
    Meirelles e os Copa 5 - O Som -
    Meirelles e os Copa 5 - O Novo Som -

    Discography link in potuguese:

    Julian, you can edit my message or change the links.

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  7. Please 1976 album,many thanks for the other albums &
    Destroyer for JT Meirelles album, please other albums