Saturday, 10 September 2016

Herrgottsax - Seibold Seiergesichts sündige Saxofone (GER 1981)

This masterpiece was mentioned earlier in connection with Siebert's Brokdorfer Kantate.
My friend sent me a brand new rip recently that knocked me out with the crystal clarity of the sound which finally does this album justice.  Fully instrumental, it's simply a tour de force of fusion/classical/jazz composition climbing the heights of what human creativity can accomplish.  Well, with the exception of the abnormal tracks 2 and 5.
"What a piece of work is man... "

Full information can be found here.  Note that the compositions are by Budi Siebert and that old favourite Dauner plays piano here and there.  The following work Hmm from 1983 was almost as good.

The last track, a fake live one I guess (Tanz Der Giganten), absolutely throws it out to intergalactic distances with its amazing MissusBeastliness, never slacking once in its extravagant plutonium fusion energy stores:

What a closer.


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  2. Julian, can you post a link for Hmm?

  3. You can see it's very similar, with the insane percussion, the odd spoken passages, and lines of saxes to give it an organ feel:

    Budi and Gumbls, Hmm, from 1983
    Note that this one was released to CD!

  4. Hi Julian is it possible you repost these great tracks please ?

  5. new upload of both albums:

  6. Hi Julian,

    Thank you very much Julian and Happy New Year of course ! Long life to your fantastic work !