Monday, 12 September 2016

Rosemarie Taylor's lost album, Taylormaid, from 1977

The LP price might be a bit of a shock here.  Luckily I was able to eschew such idle considerations-- thanks again to contacts.

This is just a gorgeous little slice of folk, now relatively rare and unknown, from those glorious days when it was full of sincerity and blind hope.  Just listen to the sweet-smelling naivete that wafts over to us as from a flower with infatuated bees on the song "Friends:"

The overall sound you will agree, as well as her warm voice, are similar to our old favourite, Carita.

And let's not forget those famous books of the time along the lines of Ehrlich's "Population Bomb" and the not quite as well-known but more scientific Club of Rome when we hear her lament of "Too Many People:"

To the above books I would draw your attention to W. Catton's "Overshoot," an incredibly well-written, prophetic, but not as known philosophical deliberation about the state of America-- in 1980.  (Or if you're in the mood for depression, even better is Clive Ponting's The Green History of the World which catalogs all of human destruction from the earth's perspective.)  In terms of the overall standard of living, I think Catton was correct that the decline had already begun, as we can see from estimations in the decline of our standards of living.  The fact is (as has been said so many times) just because Malthus wasn't correct up until now doesn't mean he won't be in the future-- in biology, in fact in all of science, there is no such thing as an exponential curve that only goes up, and sadly, we are still going that way in terms of world population.  I mentioned earlier how lately the UN has had to revise upwards the peak population forecasts as a result of the situation in Africa.  I think that I can bet all my money on the idea that in the future as a result of income disparity and increasing general poverty (brought on partly by resource depletions, such as water) and the effects of climate change and increasing populations, we in Western countries will be forced to set limits on immigration into our countries, probably even close the borders completely at some point.   Britain's new wall of Calais is just the beginning probably.  And if there are some, many, in fact, who disagree, they will be swamped out by the majority one day (presumably they already make up the majority).

"Too Many People," indeed, almost 40 years ago in 1977...



  2. Ooh, I was impressed by this until I became frustrated with the sound quality... of course I'm not blaming you, but I hope this will be available somewhere with better sound... I won't be paying €898 for the vinyl...

  3. Julian, thanks for provide this incredible sound of Rosemarie.
    I fell in love since I heard on the first time. I was thinking if Rosemarie and Laurie Styvers are sister or something... :-)
    I need definetly the lyrics please!!!!! Thanks again.

  4. Julian, I'm waiting anxiousy the post of the lyrics image. Have the lyrics on the vinyl insert of this superb singer? Send me for email if you want.

    1. here we go:

    2. One of the best Christmas gift for me! Thanks Julian!