Thursday 29 September 2016

(Klaus Lenz) Modern Soul (Big) Band in 1974 and 1976

Not surprisingly, the earlier 1974 album is the better of the two, with Lenz still involved as leader.  Curiously, and to their detriment in my opinion, both of these are live albums.

But the track Fusion is magnificent, with its classical compositional intro developing the theme:

Oddly enough this track or at least its name reappears in a 1978 album by the same name when the band is rechristened the Jazz and Rock Machine (like Dauner's United Jazz and Rock Ensemble, though Machine is definitely much punchier).  I couldn't tell if it's the same song or a different one.

For the 1976 album there is no sample, and that says it all.


  1. 1974's Klaus Lenz Modern Soul Big Band:

    1976's Modern Soul Band, mostly soul rock.

  2. Many thanks Julian !

    Here are more Lenz albums:

    Enjoy it!

  3. Many thanks as always Julian !

    Here are more Lenz albums:

    Enjoy it !

  4. a bunch of albums: