Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Harald Hedning's remarkable masterpiece, unreleased in 1974

Nothing gets me more excited than the sight of that Gibson Les Paul shape (in gold).  A work of art in itself.

Masterpiece, right?  There's nothing more to be said.  Information.

Track 4, Defileringen:

A purely instrumental hard guitar-driven slice of umptuous cantankerous progressiveness that recalls automatic fine tuning and the Mr. Euphoria (my rip stolen and made available here) I once posted long ago, this is a must-have and tragically was not released back in the day when it would have made progheads drool...  thank god it's today resuscitated!

We waited 40 years during which this majestic music was squirrelled away, but thankfully it's back in the saddle again.  I just wonder why in music dept.'s of universities today that track is not taught as an example of ingenious, unique and powerful music composition to all the students...


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  2. This doesn't disappoint,thanks for the discovery!

  3. Hi Julian.I have a couple of more requests,if you have please;
    Mike Westbrook-Goose Sauce,
    Kenny Barron-Lucifer

  4. This is a great album. I think there's a problem with tracks 8 and 10 though. Track 8 ends at 3:14 and 10 ends at 3:20. Not complaining, just wanted to let you know.

    1. thanks for the info I'll check it tomorrow. If they're incomplete I will post a new rip

  5. sorry about that, two tracks were incomplete in the last upload here is a complete hopefully:

  6. Yes my friend, this one is indeed a masterpiece,
    and it's wonderful surprises like this that remind us that hidden gems are still lurking out there!
    This is one-one-wonderful and will be in high rotation!
    Thank you so much bro for this and all the treasures you've so generously shared and reminded me to take a second listen to (like that killer Jimmy Hotz!!)
    I got some catching up to do, but will have some new goodies to share soon for the jolly season -
    Much love and good vibrations to you and yours!

    1. thanks a million and same to you, look forward to hearing from you again!