Monday, 21 November 2016

Jazz Celula / Cellula in 1976 and 1978

How odd that the one "l" goes missing from the first to the next?
In a long line of Eastern European fusion bands such as the recent Polish VAImpuls, Crash, etc., etc. it will be assumed we never get tired of that sound here, which so deftly mixes classical education with the fusionaut teachings of Return to Forever and Mahavishnu.  

From the database:

Czechoslovak jazz combo. Formed 1968 in Prague, led by Laco Deczi. In the 1970s essentially identical to the Czechoslovak Radio Jazz Orchestra rhythm section and soloists. After a line-up change in the mid-1980s, featuring Deczi’s son Vaico Deczi on drums, and after Deczi’s immigration to New York, the group evolved to Cellula New York which is still actively performing as of 2012.

Note that Laco, described as trumpet player, bandleader, and composer, was prolific on his own as well.  (I pray he won't be deported too now.)

From the first, Probuzeni:

From the second, the Thread of Life:

There is a missing album or perhaps two which should show up shortly, surely...


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    1. new upload of the 1976 album, previously incomplete, sorry:

      and the 1978 of course is still here:

    2. Those two songs that were missing are great - I’m listening to them right now! Once again, thank you for the great uploads. Not only do you give us the chance to listen to great music, but I also admire the way you often analyze some songs. I mean… I personally play the bass and know some things about music theory, but I don’t think I could analyze the chord changes the way you do it when you give us more info about a song. Keep it up, Julian. Good morning from Athens, Greece!

    3. thx, as a musician it's so impressive to see what these very creative artists can think up musically

  2. Great stuff.Thanks very much.

  3. Thank you so much for this and many others. Typing this in U.K, and it's pitch black, blowing a gale and hammering down outside, so your posts help to lift things immeasurably; keep up the good work.

  4. Great stuff, as always - thank you very much! If I'm not mistaken, there are 2 songs missing from the 1976 album: A' side - Desatero řemesel, B' side: Oheň až požár.