Friday, 18 November 2016

Lennart Åberg's Green Prints (1986, Sweden) [by request] with limited lossless

Ambient-ECM style jazz with a large band which thankfully prevents the whole from descending into the boredom of too many notes with too few textures, this recalls many previously posted albums with Amazonian themes in the past like this one.  Not as experimental and more listenable than Laneri's.

Note the highly professional (and huge) lineup here-- including one Jan Schaffer...  Lennart of course is composer / arranger / conductor, plus flute and sax player.  In all honesty I wasn't too crazy about his previous album with the promising title of Partial Solar Eclipse.  But this one's better.

The track called Night Spirits, if you listen to it through with patience, demonstrates his university composition education:

Like the 1977 album though, it tends to drag on.  However the long track on the second side called Round B, has three parts and is much like a symphonic poem so I split it into thirds.  Note that it's Jan playing guitar / guitar synth on this one, as he does also on the song Green Prints.


  1. Lossless limited time only (viz. 1 week):

    mp3 unlimited:

    Bonus album, Partial Solar Eclipse (1977):

    A reader pointed out I missed an electric circus album, the 1977 Live au Quartier Latin which for some reason I thought was the same as the other live album from 1980, because there is also only 4 songs...
    thanks for that!!

    Two requests, Kenny Barron Lucifer:

    Mike Westbrook Goose Sauce:

    1. Harald Hedning was incomplete from earlier, new rip:

  2. Thanks very much for Lucifer Goosifer.

  3. I am favorably impressed by this piece, Night Spirits! Could you reup plz the whole Green Prints ?