Friday, 10 February 2017

More Thermaenius with Copenhagen Boogie from 1982

Notice that on this subsequent album, Pierre Dørge the guitarist/leader shares compositional credits with Irene Becker, pianist (who was present previously).  All the bad habits of the previous instalment are still in evidence and (un)duly entertained: the interminable jams, ridiculous almost joke-like sax solos, live acoustics and in case you didn't have enough of the silliness, overlengthy sides, yet there is a bit more experimentation and complexity to the compositions which is a welcome sound for tired ears.

First notice that each side is named after a cardinal direction e.g. side one is South with its African percussive beginning and the excellent composition on the subject of the peacock (by Becker), ending in the West-- though certainly the leaders of the UK, the USA and soon France will perhaps ignore everything except the North, to their loss, as that first Southern side is quite strong (unlike their economies).  But certainly we cannot the rest of us stand in the way of the coming of the great Middle-aged White Male Race, the future and sole hope of our species (as well as all other primate species who are now all destined for extinction), augmented perhaps with those intelligent robots we have been promised for so many decades, but which we (most of us) won't be able to afford, to 'remotely' adjust the temperature in our houses, to drive us though the traffic jams of our local cities as we go to the bank to deposit money, and to provide men with yet another outlet for their sexual proclivities (because mere unlimited free internet porn won't be enough).

And in fact I can see those futuristic robots being a bit more problematic than envisioned for example if they are enslaved on plantations, fight for emancipation in civil wars, gain the vote, and democratically overturn the human governments and then force us all to be their slaves as revenge-- for the aforementioned white middle-aged man homo medicaucasus it will be especially traumatic.  This is why I advocate for an unbreakable and long on/off switch on all those robot backsides.  Or perhaps we could force them to use those plugs with the three prongs to power themselves, so we can switch all the outlets to the two-holed kind and prevent them from plugging themselves back in if they get too rambunctious...

And perhaps I'm being too kind with a fourth country made up solely of middle-aged white men, namely Russia, which seems so embarrassed about its presence in the 21st century that it has decided with agreeable firmness to go back to the late 1800s with endemic and universal corruption, gaybashing laws, the recent decision that just allowed husbands to beat their wives, the jailing of opposition politicians (something Trump would salivate at the prospect of), the return of medieval serfhood, etc.  On a more positive note, I see today's official presidential tweet reports that bff Putin just declared: "you inspire me make my own mexico wall, but I do in Ukraine, keep nato out!  wait, why not make new berlin wall, where old wall was-- hahaha! Merkel will love this one! I make her pay for it too!!  I cut off russian gazprom!  hahaha!  is good joke when I build it, pravda? come you and me have bottle vodka and carve up old beast of europe between usa and cccp I mean mother russia, yes? big mistake you GIs make in 1945, but we correct it, we carve EU like young lamb! is good young! I like loins area! you like shoulder? chops? I got good unborn lamb--  6 months pregnant, is not abortion if it's sheep yes? is most tender! I once rip from uterus of mother sheep, like non-state journalist, whole! you try yet in Trump palace new york? now show me Ivanka Nordstrom daughter jewelry, I buy some for my 26 girlfriend... hey! you give me deal 50% off? of course, I pay in us dollar!  you think I use stupid ruble? nyet! haha! from swiss bank to swiss bank! what? you use same bank as me? we buy bank now! get rid of swiss! you want switzerland too? OK then I get Poland.  Is beautiful women there.  The Polish woman she love pornographics.  Ivanka she married?"

So here's the (presidential) Peacock in honour of them:

...oh how simple the world was back in 1982, 34 years ago...

Well, let's not forget those fears of nuclear war were pretty terrifying... remember the evil empire and star wars...


  1. looks like I misspelled the band name on the files... anyone notice? apologies


    lossless limited time only (no reups):

    new up of Michael Gordon's Philharmonic RIO album from USA, 1987

    Next up a big surprise for everyone I'm sure, a long-awaited treasure now available for everyone... stay tuned and look forward to that one.

  2. Many thanks for these two albums by Thermaenius...
    Many, many thanks....

  3. Thanks Julian, I hope this music isn't what inspired you to write about the sad state of affairs.

  4. Hi Julian.I missed the boat on the Frode Thingnaes Armadillo album.Any chance you might have one of his quintet albums.?Thanks.

  5. Can't thank you enough! Wonderful :-)