Monday, 6 February 2017

The Swedish Ibis in 1980's Sabba Abbas Mandlar

Wow-- what a gorgeous cover drawing, again.

Not to be confused with the mid-70s Italian Ibis of Sun Supreme fame, which is probably far more famous, this Swedish outfit made a fantastic fusionary lava outpouring solidified onto hard vinyl back in 1974 for which I would give them full marks: 1,000,000 out of 100 as the Donald would say (depending on how early in the morning the official presidential tweet goes out), a masterpiece all the way, home run outta the ballpark back home to the fireplace in the den.  Should be taught in universities of the future as a course in how to write progressive fusion.

But less well known is their free jazz 1980 follow up with correspondingly less to offer us.  What happened?  Mystère et boule de gomme.  Notwithstanding, one fine track called Summer Eyes:

And a whole lotta noodling aiming to bore us to tears in our ears.