Friday, 3 February 2017

Tears in my Ears from Denmark 1974

Have a look at this one.  Some beautiful instrumental Danish fusion not like the pastry with funky gospel tinges as if Keith Jarrett started jamming with Placebo.

A track called Egozentricks sums up the mix very nicely:

Tears made two other albums preceding this, with the first ST from 1970 being utterly forgettable and the album called Sweet Thing serving as backing band to a beautiful girl by the name of Anne Linnet.

The latter vocal album has some fine moments and is well worth seeking out, with a mix of Mary Hopkins and more driven funky sounds similar to my beloved past discovery Uschi.


  1. Tears 3:

  2. Thanks, Julian. Can't wait to give MY EARS a listen to this. :-)


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      of course-- I wrote this late at night in a rush thanks for the correction

  4. Thanks Julian. This is indeed an interesting album. Would you mind also sharing the Anne Linnet LP if you have it?

    All the best,

  5. Actually I would not mind hearing BOTH of the other Tears albums. Any chance of that happening? They do not seem to be online anywhere else.

  6. Thanks for Tears, enjoyed it!