Friday, 3 March 2017

Birds of Beauty's [Karsten Vogel] Pelican from 1978

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Oddly enough this album is totally different from the 1976 album of the same name under his soloist credit, despite the expectation that it would be an English 'translation' of the original Danish.  First of all recall he was in the supreme and unparalleled fusion band Secret Oyster.  And I posted his 1983 album, which was quite impressive indeed, in December 2014.

You can check the band lineups here, note they are different for each track.  Compositions by Karsten, obviously.  The gorgeous ECM-like Little Wren:

The Hungry Mother track, with its classic fusion minor seconds, opposite of what the back depicts of course (from Shakespeare we all know the old mythical belief the mother tore open her breast to feed her young, which logically raises the question why does her beak have a large pouch often full of fish):

What's interesting to me here is you can tell from the trademark musical sounds where he contributed to Secret Oyster, for example the Fender playing an upgoing chord progression (Butterfly Blossom), the abrupt change from a minor beginning to a purely major chord progression (same), the 'birdlike' soprano sax tweeting (Gong-Gong), the melancholy, sombre mood of the slow pieces (the above Wren), etc.  Unfortunately, we have to admit it's a slightly uneven album with here and there some Secret Oysters of shiny brilliance but a lot of tedious late-70s fuzak too.

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  2. Karsten Vogel.Incredible musician.Looking forward to hear this one.Thanks very much.

  3. Thx for this release. Always loved this album. As for the muicians there are visits from old Burnin Red Ivanhoe members: Ole Fick, Kim Menzer. And young and upcoming musicians like Mikkel Nordsø and Morten Kærså who would later form one of the most popular Danish bands in the 80s: Sneakers.

  4. For this record Karsten Vogel was part of the group "Birds of Beauty", named after the record from 1976, hence the confusion of titles and group names.... And thank you so much for this, had not heard it since 1983 on the olde reel-to-reel machine. This is - together with Signature - one of the best Danish jazz fusion records ever, by one the greatest Danish musicians ever.