Friday, 10 March 2017

Boomerang [Бумеранг] from Kazakhstan: Boomerang Jazz Ensemble, Ornament, and Mirage,1983 to 1986

I wanted to make my best friend Putin happy by posting a few things from the former Soviet Union aka his future empire so the next series of posts will present some material that may be totally new to you or alternatively familiar but in new rips of high quality vinyl because as I've said before, the records from that part of the world are always scratchy, as the great leader himself once said: "There is no scratch in long-play record Mother Russia, OK? You go stupid journalist buy some Ivanka Nordstrom jewelry. Now I ban you from press gallery, go, let loose siberian tiger on journalist there!"

From wikipedia a charmingly translated choppy bio:

Jazz band "Boomerang"  - Alma-Ata jazz ensemble. Created in 1973, drummer Tahir Ibragimov. The first part: the trumpeter Valery Bannov, saxophonist Viktor Nikolaev, pianist Vladimir Nazarov, bass player Farhad Ibrahimov (brother of Tahir) and percussionist Michael Juraev.  Entitled "Arai" ensemble accompaniment pop vocalist Rose Rymbaeva in the period from 1979 to 1982, in parallel acting under the name of "Boomerang" with jazz programs. The main stage was the Hall of the Conservatory. In 1982, the ensemble of "Aray" began to act separately in the new structure.Boomerang - The "Boomerang" Jazz Band - or: "Jazz Ensemble Boomerang" as it says in Cyrillic on their covers. This Boomerang were led by one Tahir Ibragimov and came from Kazakhstan (then within the USSR). They played a highly creative jazz fusion, with a mix of Caucasian, Asian and Oriental folk/cultural roots, adding up to a unique style of their own.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of filler, improvisation, and repetitiveness to go through to get to the gemational passages hidden here and there in the bedrock.  In general, listening to the first minute of each track, of which we only have 14 in total, distributed among three LPs, works, kinda.  Some or all of them were posted long ago in mp3 on obscure beasties, a lovely website which mixes 1960 to 1990 classical, fusion, folk and jazz in roughly equally enjoyable proportions and which has allowed me to discover innumerable gems which I'm sure would have remained totally unknown otherwise.

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