Monday, 6 March 2017

Finn Savery Trio's visit to New York City from Denmark 1976 [with lossless limited time]

More from him, a bit more accessible than the previous installment.  Despite this, it's a little slow-going at times, not like the multifaceted and cinematic New York of Jochen Schmidt we heard before.

Here and there can be located some nice moments.
Perhaps the most palatable entry is the Intermission from the Lincoln Center:

Apologies for bashing in the front end of this with the previous track.

Here's the info.


  1. lossless limited time only (I know people are unhappy that there is that time constraint but it does cost me since I have to use a paid uploading service nowadays, and I don't earn a cent from this 'weird and crazy hobby' to use my wife's term, that occupies so much of my spare time)


  2. Many thank´s Julian , a great one ........

  3. Hi Julian! Can you re-up this in lossless?