Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Back to Jean-Charles Capon in Univers Solitude from 1972

Absolutely stunning cover art for a beautiful album title, but from the hand of-- who? anyone in the know please comment.

Requested a long time ago, I guess better late than never in the immortal words of Happy The Man...
I've covered so much of his work before I figured I should try to be more complete about it at least, though there are many collaborative works that don't seem too interesting.  Looking at his discography you can see this was his second work (after the magnificent 1970 Baroque Jazz Trio), and you can tell just from the first listen, with its youthful free jazz passion and dare I say slight insanity.  The re-upped 4 Elements, with its gorgeously thoughtful and melancholy compositions, came 4 years later, in the time of his inimitable band Confluence.  And later, again teamed up with guitarist Escoude, they made the beautiful Gousti record which is my other favourite, partly on account of its accessibility I admit.  You can see he made some library records too in the intervening years.

Here's a pensive and pleasant track called Tout Seul (Cello):


  1. 1972's Univers-solitude:


    what the heck I'll throw in some more:

    1970's Baroque Jazz Trio (name says it all):


    1976 Fiction No 9 Violoncelle Recherche (free jazz)


    1976 Europamerica (this is big band post bop but lacking good composition)


    1977 David Ware From Silence to Music (improvised, or free jazz)


    1980 Apocalypse (free jazz mostly)


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