Thursday, 27 July 2017

Peabody College Wind Ensemble in 1969 (not the waxidermy item, but related)

On Waxidermy a great deal of excitement was generated over a college track called Fourth Stream by a Nashville composer and session musician called Irving Kane.  I got this related record, from 1969, the year before the former, since it also had a composition by him, called Suite for Band.  Unfortunately that composition was a bit too straightforward, almost music univ. essay-like.  Instead the highlight here is the last track, called Jazz Tangents:

If you look at the database for this record,  and check the liner notes and scans, it seems the band, from Peabody College and Vanderbilt Univesity, is almost the same, but they do have different names.  The first side is given over to a rendition of my favourite composer Stravinsky's Concerto for Piano and Wind Instruments, and a completely ridiculous musique concrete piece by (also from Nashville) Gil Trythall called Surfaces Opus 19.  Neither myself nor 99.99 percent of humans, or I should say animals, would describe this as music.



    new upload of mean and dirty deWolfe by request

    1. Thanks for this, i even find the Surfaces Opus 19 quite wonderfull, so i am one of the 01,01%. I hope sometimes there will be a post of the Waxidermy item too