Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Peter Thorup's 1978 Rejsen Til Kina [temporary only]

"Poems from China" by Tom Kristensen first published in 1922.  Music by Thorup.

Looking over the information on this release I was surprised to see it was released to CD some time ago, accordingly, I won't have a link....

A nice surprise to see Knudsen on keys.  (Of course I posted his masterpiece Anima some time ago in a lossless.)

The first track really sets the tone here:

I think we should all be grateful that this doesn't descend-- not even for a moment, or note-- into the pentatonic simplistic silliness so typical of "chinese"- influenced music.


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  2. Thanks Julian! Any chance of a re-up on the lossless Knudsen, Anima? Thanks in advance.

  3. DAMN IT ! seems I'm too late and this sounds sooo nice. Any chance for a re-up ?

  4. sure, note that this link will only last one week unfortunately: