Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Anders Koppel ‎– Aftenlandet & Regnbuefuglen (1977)

From Wikipedia:

Anders Koppel (born 17 July 1947 in Copenhagen) was a co-founder in 1967 of the rock group Savage Rose. From 1976 to 2012 he was a member of the trio Bazaar. He plays in the trio Koppel-Andersen-Koppel which includes his son, saxophone player Benjamin Koppel. Koppel has twice received the Danish film award Robert for best film score (1994 and 1996). His first daughter Sara Koppel is an animator and artist, and the second daughter Marie Carmen Koppel is a gospel, soul, and jazz singer.

Koppel has composed music for eight ballets for the New Danish Dance Theatre and music for more than 150 movies, 50 theatrical plays and three musicals. He has also composed more than 90 works for classical ensembles, chamber music and 20 concertos, among them two saxophone concertos and four marimba concertos.

He played the piano as a child with his father, composer Herman D. Koppel, and later clarinet with several television and concert appearances. He began playing the organ in 1966.

This early album from him features a very eclectic mix of folk, some classical composition, mixed with fusion, perhaps reminiscent of (Swedes) Kebnekajse.  On the other hand, it's not very much like the lighter ethnic fusion which he later produced with the band Bazaar-- whose first few albums I highly recommend.

I've always loved the Samla Mammas-like sound of the track called Toget:



  2. Hi Julian Ryan
    Could you please post some of these early BAZAAR albums -is it possible??? i would love to hear them (memories from the 80s - roskilde festivals etc.)
    And a big applause for your very interesting blog - full of rarities. Thanks and relaxed days!

  3. Many thanks for your kind help, Julian! I've been looking for this.

  4. That's a wonderful song,thanks JR!!

  5. Just got around to listening to this very enjoyable, dare I say one of a kind album that all fits together and works very well that probably can't be repeated without duplicating. Thanks Julian!

  6. Thanks once again for helping with my request, Julian. I've been listening to the track Regnbuefuglen for weeks in heavy rotation now, it's simply beautiful and never starts to get boring. Slowly breeding mystery fusion, a goosebump piece (if the volume is high enough). I'm really glad that you're such a helpful and attentive person, I really can't thank you enough.