Saturday, 13 January 2018

Stan Samole's Beauty's Song by request, Florida 1981

Continuing on with the requests here for the time being, this record came a bit late in 1981 with respect to the golden age of fusion which produced for example Watercourse Way by Shadowfax (to which this music bears a resemblance if you remove the electric components).

This artist made other albums later in the CD era, noteNote the home page.  It goes without saying that for us, this original from the 70s won't be equaled by the later work.  Others, of which the artist will be one, might disagree, obviously.

It also recalls the Friesen albums of which we amassed so many in the past, particularly with the importation of Eastern music elements.  In fact the scripture-like buddhist or hindu poem on the back states:

The wave subsides and the wave rises,
The flower withers and the flower blossoms.
There is no end to human wants
And human achievements.
Nothing is permanent and nothing is fleeting.
Then for whom shall we cry?
Whom shall we invoke
with a new thought and new form?
Everything eventually blossoms.

--Sri Chinmoy

The first and title track is both representative and remarkable:

And note the side-long track on the second called Waves wherein the musicians plug in their instruments with a little bit of voltage, gratifyingly.

Many thanks to the one who requested this priceless beauty... A nice break from troubled times I would say. Sadly short LP, though.



  2. that track is beautiful!!Thanks JR!!

  3. Thanks Julian, after hearing the sample track I can't pass this up,Egan,Gottlieb & Sri Chinmoy Mclaughlin's
    Guru ta boot.

  4. Julian do you have this:

    Richard Rousselet, Michel Herr, John Ruocco, Jean-Louis Rassinfosse, Felix Simtaine ‎– No, Maybe...!

  5. Thank´s Julian , i´m searching for this maybe you have, thank´s ....!

    1. that's a rare one! don't have it but will look for it

  6. wow, another....thanks so very much!