Saturday, 10 February 2018

Back to Jeannie Lewis: Live in 1974 on Bastille Day

As usual, we have to make sure there's nothing too interesting hiding in the incomplete discographies, and this one from 1974 seemed pretty obvious sitting there between the other two albums posted earlier... but you never know, right?  Well, never knowing is sometimes better for certain things, like this album.  It's a mixed bag, unfortunately that left out the inventive prog of the 1976 double LP.  Compositions are from a mixture of sources, including Graham Lowndes as mentioned earlier.

Notice the first side is almost 28 minutes long!

"A retrospective, introspective, prospective programme of songs and such 
"LOOKING BACKWARDS TO TOMORROW" a final farewell fantasy 
JEANNIE LEWIS AT THE STATE THEATRE (Sydney) on Bastille Day, 1974"



  2. Thanks for this, too. I do wonder about the playing time. My Itunes shows this at one hour 36 seconds. Which would be a record for a... record. Well, the longest playing time for a single-disc vinyl record. Dylan's Desire is the longest I know at 56:13.