Saturday, 17 February 2018

Patrick Marcel's Ostinato from 1985, by request-- highly recommended

Out of the blue, a commentator asked me for this record and it piqued my interest thanks to the youtube samples.  (Amazing what rarities show up there!  It just threw me off my chair when I saw that the ultra-unknown German Fried Chicken Band was already youtubed. Incidentally, if anyone remembers the Trump 'Make America Great' Haunted song on that post, someone finally solved that mystery by saying a bandmember wrote the song!)

This hugely talented artist unfortunately only made one record, you will notice he plays both guitars and keys and uses the latter for percussion, making this a one-man band project.  Here is his website, with his guitar school in Lyons. Did he play with any of those great French luminaries of the zeuhl or fusion styles?  It would be surprising if he didn't since there is some influence from the genre apparent here.

A track called Contrastes is just magically reminiscent of those old glorious zeuhl days although it recalls more the zeuhl-light of late Widemann  than Jacques Thollot:

Artwork By [Sculpture] – Maurice Jean
Artwork By [Sleeve Conception, Recto] – Eric Pastor
Artwork By [Sleeve Conception, Verso] – Roger Groslon
Composed By, Arranged By, Sequenced By, Guitar, Synthesizer – Patrick Marcel
Recorded By, Mixed By – Patrice Tavernier
Synthesizer, Percussion – Roger Lassalle

Enregistré et mixé en septembre et octobre 1985 au studio Tavernier - Montmiral (drôme)
Sections Rythmiques, Cuivres, Bois et Cordes:
Synthétiseur multitimbres + expandeur controlé par séquenceur digital et séquenceur de rythmes
Synthé. sur A2, A4 et B2, percussions sur A3 et B2
Premier solo sur A4, dernier solo sur B2

Enjoy it, and thanks for the request-- keep those requests coming guys... I mean, as long as they're as good as this one!




    I don't understand how this music even exists. It's a gift. Hope you can find these.

  3. Many thanks for this lovely record, Julian. I really like this "drumcomputerized" transition era, when the spirit and solos were still analogue. Very soon after this, everyone was using a DX7...

  4. Thank you sooo much for sharing this beauty!!
    What an amazing music to listen this is.
    80's synth fusion at its finest <3

  5. Thanks Julian. A great addition to my afternoon soundtrack.

  6. Outta sight! What a 80s gem - I just flew away with the Reading Rainbow butterfly (I can go twice as High!!)
    There is an innocence and joy in early and mid-80s music and art, film, tv, and toys as well! that is just not found any more...
    I think it has something to do with the tech like Horst was saying: along with the analog recording/instruments there was correspondingly an innocence in the spirit of being and its expressions; and each technological advance came hand in hand with a less-caring "get serious, grow up" world that pushed that gentle source further and further that innocence has long ago fled in terror, at just how low and mean it gets here, at the end of the 3-D River...
    But it is rediscoveries of inspiring artifacts of sunnier days like this Lp that rejuvenate and reawaken the spirit, helping us remember to remember the truth and forget all this fake crap!
    With great music like this, I can gain some distance from shitty conditions and see that really nothing has changed - I still pick up good vibrations and I still get high with a little help from my friends - and we still decide which is right, and which is an illusion...
    Another outstanding job my brother; as a fellow artist, its down-right inspiring! :) :) :) the old master RedTelephone66 first shared this beauty with me and I recently got the rare cd mini-lp, it sounds great.

    Gordon Lowe - Follow The Sound (1970)