Monday, 5 February 2018

Takeshi Inomata & The Third's Morning Glory (1972 version) by request

This particular version, quadrophonic for what it's worth, of the album is the one ripped.  Notice the presence of Kimio Mizutani on guitars, famous for his 1971 prog opus Path Through the Haze.  The composer throughout is Norio Maeda whose work I'm really not all that familiar with though it seems most of his albums are stuffed with those standards I've complained about before.

All in all, this record features some very nice big band / fusion, smoothly rolling chords and the customary electric keyboards and drums pumping the music along.  The track called Alone has such a nice I Remember Clifford groove to it:



  2. Wow, wow! Been waiting for this forever! Thanks so much, Julian!

  3. Thanks again for this treat. Been listening non-stop since yesterday. Maybe you can get two other most-seeked albums from me...

    Masaru Imada - Yokohama Concert:

    Sanae Mizushima - You've Got a Friend:

  4. r i g h t e o u s ! ! ! thanks for this gem. more like it, por favor (um, i mean, kudasai)...