Monday, 6 August 2018

Urszula Sipinska and Piotr Figiel in Bright Days Will Come, 1974

Piotr Figiel was posted earlier by our indefatigable PR correspondent and proved popular, I was sniffing around for more in his discography and came across this item released shortly thereafter with pop-funk-soul singer Urszula who made a number of albums back in the day, mostly apparently unavailable (digitally) now.  So don't expect any instrumental hammond etudes here at all.

The first and title track will give you an idea of how well they melded classic motown funkin it up with pop styles a la Bacharach:

And in fact a couple of tracks throw in those muted trumpet or flugelhorn fills that are so so typical of the 60s Burt B. hits.

The final track, on the other hand, represents the best of imitation-US soul-pop balladry with that typical European touch of emotional intensity:

Ah that glorious sound of seventies pop: just listen to how the acoustic guitar chords complement the sustained hammond organ.