Saturday, 4 August 2018

Entourage guitarist Wall Matthews with Dance in Your Eye from 1981

Member of The Entourage Music & Theatre Ensemble, that lasted from 1970 to 1983, when Joe Clark died. 
Known to play guitars, keyboards, and percussion.

And that he does, plus vocalizing, on this his first solo release from 1981 which follows very organically from his Entourage work, cf., the meditative and highly Ralph-Townerish title track:

Apologies for the scratches, not described as such on purchase.  Reminds me a lot of William Ackerman and his Windham Hill records output and their stable of artists from the early 80s.
And bonus, it's not all acoustic, on occasion he develops a very pleasant electric fusionary tension, as on Bone Lake:

Note that the piece called "Shores of God" the piano sonata with viola solo appeared in the Entourage CD unreleased collection and thus is quite familiar to us.

I get the impression he followed this with new age material which is probably of somewhat less interest.

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