Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Jazz Celula in Mini Jazz Klub 21

You might recall I posted the 76 and 78 albums of this very Jazz-Q-like fusion group already.  Also in a somewhat futile attempt at being complete, I bought and ripped a later one, viz. from the dangerous year 1982, here and then concluded that the 1985 5th album was hardly worth hearing.  Note the info in the database:

Czechoslovak jazz combo. Formed 1968 in Prague, led by Laco Deczi. In the 1970s essentially identical to the Czechoslovak Radio Jazz Orchestra rhythm section and soloists. After a line-up change in the mid-1980s, featuring Deczi’s son Vaico Deczi on drums, and after Deczi’s immigration to New York, the group evolved to Cellula New York which is still actively performing as of 2012.

Big surprise to me then that they also made this 1979 EP with more material along the same lines.  I should've looked more carefully or rather, not assumed that the EP would be stuff already released on the LPs.  How generous the makers of this Mini Jazz Klub series were to never recycle a track from anything already put out!  In any case the compositions here proved to be disappointing (btw note the curious absence of Laco Deczi here), teaching me again to not attempt to complete the discography of Jazz Cel(l)ula:

Maybe next year I'll complete it.
Incidentally, I'll add in the Czech fusionary collection Third Eye which features a number of tracks that I've already uploaded for your entertainment (Jazz Fragment, Klavier Conclave, SHQ), plus the great Jiri Stivin...


  1. MJK 21:

    VA comp:

  2. Thanks for both of these, Julian. Track 1 'Medové Koláčky' had a skip-loop that repeated four times from 1.01-1.05. I've fixed it in a lossless MP3 editor & uploaded both tracks again here, feel free to use this link instead if you want :