Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Larry Groupe's With an Accent from 1975

Larry Groupe - With an Accent

Analogously to the situation with Doug Lofstrom, who made the fabulous "Music" album then went on to produce a huge body of work as a serious composer, Larry Groupe made this one very early progressive album in the mid seventies before scoring (in both senses) a huge number of presumably commissioned soundtracks and other works for TV, documentaries, and movies.  Note as well that this album is not included in that particular listing though it appears in the more progressive-oriented rateyourmusic.  I would also assume he's not too proud of his earlier venture into progressive, DIY music, the way we are here in a kind of inverted pyramid of desirability or contrarian personality: the more oddball and bizarre the music the more appealing to us here, the more generic and popular, the less.

The album is made of 4 longish pieces all of which I'm going to guess are wholly performed by the artist, the overall sound is similar to the progressive pieces from Evergreen State artists, with a lot of Yes influence, composed passages using only guitar and piano, slightly odd singing.  There is nothing complex about the arrangements which usually use just the standard rock quartet.  On the other hand highly nonstandard are the melodies, chords, and ideas, nothing at all like the typical Rolling Stone-reviewed album.

As sample I'll use root 2 which is just the shortest of the 4 pieces:

Rare as hell too, right?

I don't know about you but I can never, ever get enough of this stuff.
And the fact that my wife will just never understand that.



  2. before i go julian,a bit of a holy grail search for me is

    urszula(dudziak)-high horse-CTI(japan only-LP)1984
    wish i never sold this gem!?
    so if you have it/stumble on it ,,you know what to do.nowhere on the web.

    thank you and good night.thanks for all ive dropped.
    appreciated m8

  3., any chance that you have this Julian??, i can´t find on web thank´s in advance!

  4. Unknown gems are a-rollin!!
    Magnificent Lp and a truly magnificent thread you've so nobly embarked,
    the reawakening of the old hidden chameleon-behemoth:
    American prog, rock, and fusion albums from the late seventies to early eighties!!!!!!
    My heart soars with rejuvenated Joy! :) :) :)
    And some Japanese gems hidden in here too, as a wonderful preamble to our expedition into the high vibration treasures of the past!
    So great to see Rantz get a re-up for the world to savor :)
    Thank you brother, many reports are forth coming!!!
    These comments are fitting, from our esteemed colleagues Probe 10:

    But now we are Here.
    Walking down to the village below,
    Reflect creation brightly.
    But Now we are Here.
    Perhaps in another Game,
    In another Time,
    In another Universe.
    There is A Universe.

    Feels so good :)
    A Life Worth Living :)