Sunday 28 September 2014

Dominique Guiot - La Dame a la Licorne from 1983 [by request]

"Musical illustrations on themes inspired by the Middle Ages..."

As requested, here is the other Guiot album, which as I mentioned earlier, I felt wasn't quite as progressive, it's definitely in the traditional folk category.

It would be daring to have a listen to the next album he wrote called Casino Retro, and I definitely don't feel up for the challenge.  Then again, one might be pleasantly surprised.  Anyone heard it?


  1. Guiot dame a la licorne

  2. Thanks for this one. I don't have Casino Retro, but I have two albums he collaborated on for Koka Media; KOK 38 & 39. Gonna check them out now and post them on Dusty Shelf if they're any good.

  3. wow, thanks in advance pornotrond

  4. thanks for this, i've always wanted to hear the whole thing and it is wonderful

  5. Here are the two albums I mentioned. Not my cup of tea. I'm always hoping for an album as interesting and good as L'Univers De La Mer. This is just uninspired bland 80s synthmusic, imo.

    1. Well, thanks anyway. I'll give it a listen- "Univers" is just about the best Library album of Electronics I've ever heard...