Monday 15 September 2014

Waikiki's Surf West and Kalakaua Boulevard by Kanzaki on the Road... from 1981

These guys did three smooth fusion albums in that very light Japanese style, all of which are relatively average for the genre but I couldn't resist posting this when I saw the first two songs on the second side: Waikiki Surf West, and Kalakaua Shuffle (the name of the main boulevard in Waikiki).  This was recorded at "Commercial Recording" of Hawai'i  way back in 1981, presumably in Honolulu.

Track A3 called Suite 246 - Aoyama Road is a highway in Japan.

Here's the song about Waikiki Beach's fabulous surf:

Not quite as composed as Jukka Linkola's opus on Hawai'i, but still real nice to hear for those like me who miss those beautiful garden islands...

I'm a bit puzzled by the title since the surf in general is better towards the east, closer to Diamond Head Crater, the west side features the family-friendly lagoon of the Hilton Hawaiian Village, favoured by my wife for maternal reasons.


  1. kanzaki 3

  2. Ahh memories of surf and warm summer days...
    ...definitely nice to hear as autumn chill begins to whisper in...
    Thank you my friend :)

    Alright, here we go with a monster
    that had been haunting my want-list dreams for many years...
    Now I finally tracked this elusive psych-pop beast down!
    Here, from 1972, is
    The Happenings Four - Tomei Ningen
    this rip is from my 2003 Eastworld cd...
    all the songs and booklet are in Japanese
    .....maybe we can get a little help from our friends
    with the song titles..... ;)
    but the music is Universal...
    and music speaks to the heart and soul,
    rejuvenates body and mind,
    renews good spirits...

    The Happenings Four - Tomei Ningen

    Enjoy &
    Thanks again bro!

  3. Thanks so much! Just in case you have the previous two albums (Open my road & Little road gang) it would be great if you could also share them on your blog :-)