Saturday 29 November 2014

Helena Vondráčková: 1978 - Paprsky

A very unfortunate choice of cover photo reminding me of my tourette-like tic-ridden elder son who can't stop touching his face and nose as my hear his mother yelling at him to keep his hands off his head... nothing to do with the beauty of this vocal jazz album from the former Czechoslovakia...
A beautiful woman though as you will see from the link below.

A particularly fine piece, B2's makova kraska

Don't be deterred by side a, this album has kind of a Jekyll and Hyde thing going, like my aforementioned son, who is sometimes an angel, sometimes a hyperactive demon.  Side b is the more interesting and progressive side.

She has a large discography with a lot of cover songs that we have no interest in whatsoever.


  1. Helena

  2. many thx for this - b-side is indeed excellent.
    highest regards

  3. Maková kráska is actually a vocal version of Tříšť (translated as Icicles though it means crushed ice) from Jazz Q album Zvěsti/Tidings.

    Thanks and respect for all your hard work.