Thursday 13 November 2014

More from Toronto, Canada: Strangeness Beauty Back to Nowhere 1982

This band with the beautifully poetic name were a Toronto-based jazz/rock/fusion trio made up of well-known session musicians David Piltch (bass), Michael Sloski (percussion), and Ron Allen (saxes, synths, and keys).  Recorded Nova Sound Studios, in Markham, Ontario, July 1982.

They only made this record.   Overall, music reminds me of the hard guitar band The Inserts which made the marvelously edgy and experimental "Out of the Box" in 1983 although, having said that, or promised that, this is really quite a bit more accessible altogether.

I find both the cover, with its pink ground coloring, and the black and white rear photography, utterly entrancing and fascinating.  This art is credited to Deborah Fadden with photos by Murray Pomerance.  Two sides of Toronto, perhaps?

And look at those beautiful young men in the prime of their creative ferment full of the grand hope of experimental and progressive composition ahead of them--  uh, maybe not quite the right adjectives there, try 'boring simplistic' rather, since we're talking about the future in the 80s now...

Here's a great little track called "In Chains:"


  1. strangeness beauty

  2. Beautiful, thanks. It has a certain energy, while being lyrical at the same time.

  3. The greatness of this record!!!