Friday 13 January 2017

Lubb Dupp - Psychotronic Metamorphosis II, 1982

The title is quite familiar to anyone with a medical background being the auditory transliteration in the old bygone days of the (normal) sounds the heart valves make when they open and close, called S1 and S2 more scientifically.  Anyways, doctor knows best, great title-- archaically elegant, and the artwork is quite interesting as well, perhaps typical of the DIY / homemade crafts style of the early 80s LP covers we were made so familiar with in the frequenting record stores era.

Unlike the preceding instalment all the bands here are quite unknown-- luckily or suitably I should say, since most of the music here is quite experimental, approaching concrete-ness in its auditory impossibility.

The second track, by one Glass Philosophy is quite listenable however:

But as a whole this is nothing like the prior instalment.

Here's some useful information (haha):

A1 – 犬狼都市 - 天地核
A2 – Glass Philosophy - ギャンブル
A3 – 腐乱死体 - 腐乱死体
A4 – D:R:Y: Project - レクイエム・フォア…
B1 – サラマンドラ館 - たこの吸出し
B2 – サラマンドラ館 - 栄養クリーム
B3 – Location - T.V.L
B4 – フリーメイソンズ・ブラックブレイン - なぜならば…
B5 – Anima - Grey City