Monday 30 January 2017

The last Simon and Bard in The Enormous Radio from 1984

For some reason I bought a VG media this time, and I must first apologize for that.  Not the usual practice here obviously.  Perhaps our old friend quimsy can repair the file for us, if he is still out there, listening.

Are we now too chronically far into the eighties fuzakitis to enjoy good music?  Well, the quality has depreciated a tad for sure, but this definitely has its delightful moments and kindnesses to offer us, and note Larry Coryell is back on guitar.  I think most here can enjoy some more tasteful fusion, all instrumental.  Incidentally, after listening all past week to the previous LP from them, I have to say I really enjoyed it greatly, more than most finds from recent memory.

A track called "A Boy and His Dog" reminds me of the old scifi film with Don Johnson, in which, briefly, in the setting of a post-apocalyptic future (like in the book/movie "The Road") everyone has to fight to survive-- unlike in the McCormack book wherein the hero is accompanied by his young son, here Don has a telepathic dog to help him seek out food and warn him of danger in a symbiotic relationship.  One day he discovers a subterranean city where humans have isolated themselves from the perils or radioactivity of the outside earth and a beautiful woman there falls in love with him and vice versa...  I won't bother to warn you of my shocking spoiler here, how when they finally escape from down there after multiple adventures, Don finds his loyal dog starving to death because he had abandoned him and after looking at the girl--  the last scene shows them happily walking off into the sunset together again.
Obviously the kind of movie that sadly cannot be made anymore today.

And consider the utterly bizarre title given to the Nuns Canyon Waltz in contradistinction to the beauty of the contents:

Sadly, no long track this time, though the record does end in a brilliantly dramatic & built up finale (Vampire cows on parade!).

And this was made in 1984... ah, how well we all remember those alt-truths...
In Miranda's words: "Oh Brave new world, that has such people in it!"


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    1. here's the cleaned rip courtesy quimsy

  2. Relieved that you liked it after requesting it unheard.
    Overall disappointing for me but I was also hoping for something closer to Voyage to Uranus. Thanks Julian

  3. I would like to request The Rolf Kühn Group ‎– Total Space please!


    1. Kuhn's Total Space:

  4. Thanks Julian. There's something about the tone of that "Boy and His Dog" track that reminds me of another album I've been listening to lately. Eberhard Weber's Fluid Rustle from 1979. A good listen with Vibes and interesting vocals.
    Thanks again.

  5. Hi Julian is it possible to re-up
    Simon & Bard's "Tear It Up" & "Musaic"