Tuesday 14 March 2017

Brilliant fusion from the former CCCP: Sunkar

An absolutely stunning fusion masterpiece, clearly completely unknown until now, which I'm happy to present to everyone.

Here in the eighties we must get accustomed to the electric piano's much thinner clavinova sound to replace the edgy classic rhodes of the seventies, a sound I've said before to me is the most beautiful tone sound I can imagine, especially with tons of vibrato, like Chick used to demonstrate to such good effect.

In some places, with the thick and heavy digital keyboards, it even reminds me of the ne plus ultra of Russian progressive, Horizont and their Summer in Town and Picture of a Boy.

Track B3 with its arpeggiated major sevenths that progress to another fusionized folk melody just blows me away:

From discogs some information. Very little on RYM too.

A perfect combo of fusion and progression, unlike the preceding Anor.  All hail the great Putin, and gravy fries with cheesecurds.