Wednesday 1 March 2017

Giovanni Ullu from Italy 1978

It's so rare for me to present to you a wonderful album from Italy yet undiscovered, much less two in a row, but this is exactly that--  it's clear we (a collective we for this digital exercise in collaboration) have plumbed the bottom of the barrel of this country extensively, just as their population has plumbed the bottom of the barrel of 500-year-old artworks to show to gullible tourists willing to pay the high price to venture within the country's borders to get fleeced.  It's not too far adrift into prog territory like the previous, and quite similar, to the Roberto Picchio I posted long ago -- remember that one? -- but it's still highly enjoyable and quite unknown (though not rare and expensive like Sage).  The only other Italian album I recently was surprised to hear which I hadn't known, was Maurizio Fabrizio's Movimenti Nel Cielo which is very progressive and advanced (currently available on CD).

Information here.

Track A4's Il Sapore Di Un'altra Vita:

Isn't it surprising such balanced, delicate, and enjoyable songwriting isn't better known?  I particularly enjoy the fact there is so much feeling to his vocalizing, without descending into any hyper-emotional caramelization of the sugars.  Some nice chord progressions can be noted as well.

And this is one of perhaps a handful of well-crafted and nuanced songs here.


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  2. Note that the backing band here is Perigeo!

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