Saturday 1 April 2017

A lost 1984 former USSR soft rock gem: Teatroni from 1984 in a fresh rip [plus lossless]

Another gorgeous cover painting again, right?  Brings me back to those old eighties record stores downtown where my friends and I loved to browse, gaze at the amazing covers and wonder at all the beautiful music inside we'd never hear for lack of cash.  Today we have no such scruples of course, though the feeling of tenderly touching those 12-inch cardboard paintings is missing, in compensation the ease with which we can explore the novelty of music from all over the world never ceases to amaze me.

It's always difficult in the database to find these records due to their tendency to be hidden by the cyrillic alphabetization.  But finally here it is.  Note the abstruse reference to the title and band name:

Вокально-инструментальный Ансамбль Телевидения И Радио Грузии* ‎– გაუფრთხილდით სიყვარულს = Берегите Любовь

Usually it's called in English Teatroni whence the artist name becomes obvious.  This discography is not complete, and I thought they made other records back in the day, as far as I remember not as good as this one. but the expert obscure beasties would know better here.  Note that one member performed in the ne plus ultra progressive fusion band Arsenal (a band which never ceased, and will never cease, to amaze me, perhaps we could call it The Leningrad Hermitage of fusion bands).

The lushly gorgeous laid back like a chaiselongue opener:

Notice the 'tropical classical' influence in B2:

And the nice chord change on B3:

I'll include a lossless since this record turned out to be so less scratchy than the previous rip, presumably from obscure beasties (just like with Anor).


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  2. awesome,thanks for the discovery!!

  3. გაუფრთხილდით სიყვარულს, of course, is not cyrillic script, but georgian, as is the band, who would sign their name as თეატრონი. :)

    1. Thanks for the info!
      my ignorance shines through clearly! lol

  4. Hi! can you share lossless once again?

  5. Ywa,rgau WAS another recomend from Vespero. Vespero is one of my most fav. comtemp bnads.

    and the white house could not handle this stuff!!

  6. Wonderful Blog, I can't stop exploring... I would very much appreciate a reup of this gem if possible!