Monday 24 April 2017

Cassidy's Music from our Hearts to Your Ears (1977)

A random shot in the dark LP purchase of approximately 10 USD off ebay from the late 70s, admittedly with a gorgeous of-the-times cover painting, turns out to be a magnificent paean of classic 70s soft rock with both female and male vocals-- it can't get any better than that, folks.  It just can't.

The two-gendered singing is along the lines of the magnificent triad of Waterfall albums I posted earlier, perhaps less folky, more electric, but with the same gentle and spiritual beauty of songwriting.  First example, consider track A3, Fellina:

Note the (tasteful) addition of flute and strings to the instrumental in the middle section of the song.  Clearly the production is also exemplary.  Not too much schmaltz, but enough variety with the addition of trumpet, sax, etc., to make everything just a bit more than homemade Michaels crafts.
The naivete of the lyrics as always just breaks my heart especially when I have to go to work to endure the daily assault of the current radio stations' incessant "I'm in love with your body" uh, 'song,' if such it can be called.  After which we once again are tortured, Gitmo-style, with "you got to move it move it-- you got to move it move it--" Appropriately to the foregoing, track A4 is called Got to be Strong:

This is not a perfect masterpiece, being marred by some quite ordinary by the numbers commercial songwriting, and bluegrass throwaways.  But it's really on a par with for example famed classic Blackberry Winter.

An absolutely delightful slice of lost 70s Americana, like a well-built car, I cannot take credit for this but instead must give effusive, profuse, and incessant thanks to my friend who is able to smell out gemlike rare albums like an Italian truffle hound-- pardon the comparison....

Oh yes, Make America Great again...

Very little info to be found online, here is some.

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    1. new up:

  2. Hi Julian,Thanks for this rarity
    I like very much the first track,very original !
    Do you know in symphonic rock ABAKUS "Spielzeug" 1981 (Germany) I search it since I've heard the gently track "Sternenzelt" on you tube (in bad quality) ?
    It would very nice if you have it to post it here.

  3. Thanks for this. The artwork reminds me of a New Riders Of The Purple Sage cover.

  4. Hi,
    Here review about Abakus !

    Thanks a lot.

    1. To get the Abakus (NOT to be confused with German, 70s prog rock band Abacus...) at "johnkatsmc5", first you have to turn off your loudspeakers (I've been on his horrible site several times these past 10-12 years...), then you have to be ready fot registrating at a Russian site, vk.vom, something I've never done...I'd rather wait for a re-issue.

      /J, Sweden