Wednesday 3 January 2018

Jochen Schrumpf ‎'s Saguitarius plus some later Ceddo material

From discogs:

German jazz guitarist (born 26/11/1952), resident in Dortmund. Apart from his own band Ceddo, he's also played with: Bescay, Cape Coast Syndicate, Human Steps, Kollektiv, Missus Beastly, and many others.

Of course he was especially brilliant in the first eponymous album of Ceddo with its crazy cosmic psychedelic weirdness, and I'm sure everyone here already has a copy.  Though they went on to make a few more records, they were all of diminishing strength unfortunately and the later we travel ahead from 1979 the more disappointing they became for me.  So already by 1982, the solo album Saguitarius [sic] tends to follow a very basic and light template, one which has been followed so many times by so many others before as we all know so well.  As well the album is almost entirely acoustic, which will disappoint the fusion fan.  Some tracks are recycled from the Ceddo catalogue, like Nano Nano.  An Acoustic version of Plicker Plocker (why the childlike names?), which appears on Step by Step as the conclusion, gives you an idea:

In the later albums the diminishing rate of returns overwhelms me totally, though here and there we can hear some flashes of brilliance shine like fireworks, perhaps emanating from a very distant city.  In another country.  One that exists in the imagination, perhaps.


  1. Aufhoren (80)

    Saguitarius (82)

    lossless version

    Step by Step (83)

    Kathexis (87)

    The first one from 1979 if anyone needs it is here

    And the Kollektiv masterpiece from 1973

  2. Happy New Year Julian and thanks for this!!I'll definitely check your blog regularly;)

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  4. As promised here´s a true gem: today i bought a copy of Claus Cornell Open Music Group-Circle Of Dreams. Unfortunately my scanner is broken, but you´ll find pretty decent scans of the album at Though you only can discuss about music when you have heard it, I´d like to share this with you and your readers.Here are the links.


    All the best for 2018


    P.S do you have Philippe Caillat:Fire Brigade ? And maybe somebody can upload the Jackie King-Skylight album.

  5. you are a blessing julian. did u possibly have a reup of the Claus Cornell Open Music Group - Circle Of Dreams?

  6. no probs

  7. Hi, can you possibly upload Jochen-Schrumpf's Ceddo anothr album with Bob Berg and Randy Brecker titled Unchained? It'd be great to have that one as well. Thanks for all the other material.