Friday 26 January 2018

Ken Narita's 1972 album

Another fabulous pop-rock Japanese SSW monster discovered by my friend, let those blissful finds keep on a-truckin'...  Narita-san seems to have made a few back in the day, at least one other album preceding this was disappointing for me and very simple in composition compared to the intricacy in evidence on this parcel, which in contrast is colored in by some really jaw-dropping arrangements in the standard seventies-pop manner.

The song about "green" really grew on me, with its repeated melancholy minor verse resolving into a Carpenters-like chorus (Superstar, maybe?), surrounded by an outrageously well charted string section, with harp tinkling and electric guitar soloing all over the place around the singing.

 A few songs are just as good.  Similar, really, to School Band, but less dynamic.
Great little gem.  Thanks a million!



  2. Thanks so much for this! Wonder if we're going to have those School Band albums for download one day...

  3. Wow I love the song about "green" (the tile apparently means "The peace world") ! So I had no other choice than DLing the album to give it a spin, and you are right this is a true gem. I dig the compositions and arrangements and the players are very good.

    Thank you for sharing this pop candy for the ears Julian ! ;)

    1. I am glad I am not the only one who loves that song!!