Monday 17 June 2024

Release Music Orchestra, Vlotho Live 1977


From discogs:

German fusion band originating from Tomorrow's Gift via a complex transition that included the bands Release Group (also featuring Uli Trepte), Kickbit Information and Dennis (6).

Release Music Orchestra (known as RMO for short) played a lively fusion with lots of Krautrock elements, with stylisms that people compare to the "Canterbury scene".

They made 5 albums in total in the 70s period all of which are worth hearing, originally with some drony psych stuff as well as boring ethnic importations, which all got washed out as the decade progressed and what we're left with by the time of News in 1979 is a nice progressively smooth fusion, tightly played by these wonderful virtuoso musicians. Subsequently some live material from the era was released with Bremen from 1978 and now Vlotho from 1977.

These is quite a bit of improvising resulting in meandering qualities to the songs, most of which I think appeared on studio recordings already.  Originally from Garuda is Torso im Summerwind:


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    Xhol Caravan – Hamburg 1969
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