Tuesday 18 June 2024

Xhol Caravan Hamburg 1969, by request, limited time only


Info here:

NDR radio broadcast recorded live at the Jazzhouse at Brandstwiete, Hamburg, Germany on July 7, 1969.

℗ 1969 NDR / Xhol Caravan. © 2022 Garden of Delights.

Made in Germany.

Packaged in a standard jewel case with black tray and 32-page booklet.

Probably everyone here knows this band, brief description again from discogs:

XHOL was one of the first bands who participated at the end of the '60s to the launch of the Krautrock movement in Germany. Nevertheless their music cannot be categorised. Their roots came from rhythm’n blues with soul tendencies. With their second album “electrip” they rapidly found their own style which can be considered as an original fusion of free jazz, psychedelic rock and electronic experimentations. Very dynamic their jazz rock can sometimes be compared with the spirit of the psychedelic soul developed by Soft Machine. However the unusual use of electric instruments and electronic manipulations made Xhol absolutely unique. After "Electric", the band carries on their musical adventure with two great and totally free jazz rock albums. Dominated by endless, electric and cool improvisations "Hau Ruk" is a must for fusion and jazz lovers. Their last studio album “Motherf**kers GmbH" recorded in 1972 is a monument. All the compositions have their own feelings, sometimes delivering captivating and powerful blues, kraut, and jazz elements. However this album put the stress on a second fascinating side of Xhol’s musical universe: experimental organ works and psych-folk interludes. This last album is nearer to Krautrock mesmerizing musical themes, more twisted, spacey and devoted to avant-garde. Xhol’s influence on a bench of german prog bands and on the adepts of free rock music in general is undeniable.


  1. limited time only, no reup

  2. Hi Julianryan thank you very much for your gift from Rome Italy ciao Marco

  3. Hello Julian, Many thanks for this one, but track 7 (African Song) is missing