Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Canelle from France 1979

Here's an album that was reviewed quite some time ago by Tom Hayes.  I usually am 89 % in agreement with his assessments-- which is encouraging, showing that there is a true bona fide prog style we seem to have the same judgements upon-- but in this case I thought it was just a tad more disappointing than suggested by the following, in particular, I thought there wasn't enough progressiveness to sustain interest through to the bitter end:

When listening to this album, I had every intention of listing it as a group from Canada. It has that particular sound that reminds me of a 1970s Quebecois release, as found on the Disques Le Tamanoir label for example. Groups such as L'Engoulevent and Breche come to mind here. As well, I hear traces of Harmonium's debut and even some Connivence. Overall I'd categorize it mainly as French folk music with a pop rock edge. So not exactly the usual CDRWL fare, but the primary reason for inclusion is the keyboard work - plenty of Moog solos that are a wonderful contrast to the otherwise serene pop music. I suppose you could also call out Yes here, when they're in their most simplistic happy sappy mood. Also, I quite liked the melodies. While not a priority release (there are a couple of trips to the barn you'll have to endure), I still think many of you would probably like to track this one down for a few listens.

Thanks again goes to Midwest Mike for this one.

Priority: none (borderline 3)

For me this is more in the French pop chansonnier style, with some excursions into more complicated melodies, but the attempt there is usually quite feeble.

A sample track, Hannover: