Saturday, 12 April 2014

Gilles-Luc Laurent, Jean-Patrick Voindrot ‎– Vision, A Library Record from 1985

Here's a requested library album from the composers Gilles-Luc Laurent and Jean-Patrick Voindrot.  It's pretty typical library stuff augmented by some touches of more progressive composition, as you can tell if you have a listen to the song called "Steeple Chase:"

The track called "Starship" also features a wonderful sustained tritone which, admittedly, becomes a little bit boring after the first couple of minutes in my opinion.  Amazing how spacey a simple interval can sound, at least when played on a synthesizer.  And those lovely tritonal goodies reappear near the end of the second side on the track "No Man's Land".

And then of course, when I hear a song called "Burlesque" on a library record, I always run for cover, or perhaps to the nearest soundproof vault.

This pair made quite a few records back in the day:
I will try to bring out their collaboration called "Jazz-Rock" a bit later.


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  2. Just discovered your blog thanks to Prog Not Frog...thanks for this great LP!

  3. Thank you very much!!! Simply amazing!!!

  4. Don, I loved your song "Tiny Bubbles"-- boy does that bring back memories, all those K-Tel records..

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