Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Spaces - Border Station from 1981, United States

     Is it possible there could be so many masterpieces out there still, after all the many years we have spent collecting records?  Yes, it for sure is possible, and even certain, as Tom Hayes has observed on his cdrwl.  If you were not familiar with this heretofore, you shall be convinced of the truth of the above position after familiarizing yourself with it...

     A very inexpensive record but as we know, cost is apparently tightly correlated with quality when it comes to old vinyl-- in an absolutely inverse relationship: the priciest unknown albums being the most disappointing for the most part.  These guys sound very much influenced by Canadians FM but stripped of vocals (and violin of course) and any song-like structures.  From beginning to end we get a really powerful blast of warm, synthesizer-stuffed, electric fusion that smashes through the stratosphere like a Saturn rocket.  (Wait-- make that "Long March Rocket" as really it's now the Chinese who are preeminent in space exploration-- I love that photo of the homecomers with pink bouquets and plastic garden chairs.)

     Notice right from the start that mysterious first chord, which I believe is a minor with added 9th and major 7th (i.e., E minor with a B major chord on top), subsequently the song becomes quite deliriously major, I hate to use the cliche 'rollicking'-- a word which when applied to music quite drives me nuts.  (But it's a short drive anyways.)  The titles display a touch of twisted humor: "Sperm race" and "Airplane Glue"...

Strongly recommended!


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  2. Absolutely L-L-Love these Mystery Men of Yore
    oho brothers & sisters of the sweetest sounds
    hidden gems of powerlove finally being retrieved from
    the Sands Of Time...
    a little taste of home
    healing medicine in troubled times
    giving my October Cartoon a Lift!

    ...out here on the perimeter, there are no stars...

    Thank you ever so much brother!

  3. Thanks usual much appreciated !

  4. We were certainly having a lot of fun!

  5. wow, are you one of the artists in this band?
    really magnificent output, masterful prog-fusion !

  6. It was such a wonderful time in our lives with the music and soul so rich and vibrant. I thank Spaces for sharing their music and spirit with us here in Salt lake.

  7. I'm Randy Keith, the sax player. This really was a band of brothers. Our "extended family" had big Thanksgiving dinners on plywood & concrete blocks, and some of the guys brought their small children to rehearsals. Some of those children are musicians now. Over seven years, we grew together and our experiences gave us many anecdotes and inside jokes, e.g., Randy Hall & I were leaving the stage after playing Sperm Race (a simple statement of fact) and Randy turned to me and said, as we passed a woman sitting at a table, "Man - Sperm was tits!" This woman's facial expression was priceless!

    A1. This was meant to give the big city feeling I got while cruising on the "Outer Drive" in Chicago.
    A2. Four "special" brownies.
    A3. Well, you know . . .
    A4. Sperm DO race, meaning we are all winners
    B1. Got a Light? Meant to reflect the change of scenes when checking out bars on the main drag.
    B2. Ninety to Nothin' - You might have to ask Roger about that one.
    B3. We never sniffed it, but a lot of idiots made themselves even stupider.
    B4. Title cut, nicely penned by Roger. Randy Hall & I just fell into that weird guitar/soprano sax thing spontaneously.

    Cover art: By a dear friend, a fine artist and intelligent funny guy, Neil Passey, now deceased - R.I.P., Neil.

    These days, we may be far-flung, but remain good friends still.
    - Randy Keith 5/2014 (Facebook - Smoky Butz)

  8. Wow! I'm really happy to read these notes and amazed at the stories behind this record. Of course, it makes sense that each record has entire lives, stories, so much hard work and effort put into them, which we never really learn about, years of hard work.
    And I didn't get into the issue of how talented all the virtuoso musicians on this record were!
    Do you still listen to fusion and progressive music from the seventies or is it something that only us fans still do?

  9. I have this album, as my uncle (Wendell Jones) was on bass. He's still a rare and wonderful talent, pickin the bass as part of the Cobalt Rhythm Kings on the East coast.

    Rock on, Unc!

  10. I have this album, as my uncle (Wendell Jones) was on bass. He's still a rare and shining talent as part of the Cobalt Rhythm Kings on the East coast. ROCK ON, UNC!!!!

  11. Hi, could you re-up this too please